Free Wedding Ceremony

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Why a free wedding ceremony?



A free wedding ceremony is perfect for you if

  • you find the civil wedding in the registry office too short or too neutral.
  • you don't want to get married in church, but you would love to have a festive wedding.
  • a church marriage ist not possible but you want to be blessed by a christian ceremony.
  • you prefer having your wedding ceremony at a special place like a barn, a park or a boat.
  • it ist important for you having an individual wedding ceremony with your own proceedings, like integrating your wedding rituals or involving your parents, children or friends.
  • you want to renew your vows or start anew with a special ceremony after difficult times like a separation.

Please note that the free wedding ceremony does not replace the legal marriage by the registry office (Standesamt).



My service includes a free first acquaintance. If we'll come to the conclusion that we "fit together", I'll send you a contract.

And I'll give you some questions to think about as well as some ideas concerning rituals, promises and vows.

In a next meeting we will talk about your expectations and ideas regarding the ceremony, so that we can draw up a first plan.

To learn more about you, your partnership and your concept of marriage I'll ask a lot of questions.


Provided with all these informations I'll start to write the speech and to plan the proceeding.

In the meantime you can contact me if you have any questions or requests for modification.


We will have a last meeting, either at your wedding location, at home or by phone to clarify final questions and to review the proceeding.


At your wedding day I will lead you through your individual wedding ceremony including welcoming words, rituals, text of love, wedding questions and vow, exchange of rings and confirming the wedding.



As you can imagine, a bilingual ceremony or a ceremony in english means increased expenditure of time. I therefore will charge an extra fee of 150 Euro which means 1.100 Euro in total.

I also offer a bilingual ceremony in german and english. As a bilingual ceremony it will cost 1.200 €.

This price includes the above mentioned service, a wedding document and travel costs up to 50 kilometres from Ober-Hilbersheim. Every additional kilometre will cost 35 Cent.